Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bahasa Sunda itu Lebih Ringkas daripada Bahasa Inggris

Beberapa definisi yang awal ini dicopy dari status dosenku:

• Spending a lot of time doing nothing = ngajedog.
• Got hit by a truck that is moving backward = katabrak treuk.
• Talk too much about unimportant things = ngacaprak.
• Fall backward and then hit own head = ngajengkang.
• Falling forward and may hit own face = tikusruk.
• A small sharp thing, embedded inside one's skin = kasura.
• Smearing one's body with hot ointment and then massaging it = borehan
• Complaining endlessly over unnecessary small matters = kukulutus
• Being completely ignored by other people, no matter how hard you are trying to get attention = teu diwaro

Sedangkan definisi yang ada di bawah ini adalah buatanku sendiri, sbg jawaban atas tantangan temenku:

Crying with your feet kicking the floor and your hands moving here and there, almost looks like a breakdance = "Kokoseh"

An action which initially has a noble intention to repair something as a professional mechanic does, but the result usually doesn’t turn out the way you intended = “Ngoprek” (1)

A very fun activity that kids love to do so much, but forbidden by the parents law of tidiness = “Ngoprek” (2)

Doing something with a thought in your mind that you have Einstein’s brain, but actually you’re not. Not even close = “Ngulik”

A messy condition that exactly looks like a shipwreck after hurricane Katrina = “Paburancat”

Looking a very beautiful scenery that makes you take a deep breath, makes your eyes watering, and amaze of God's greatness = "Waas"

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